How to become a blogging superstar with these 5 domain name extensions?


<strong>How to become a blogging superstar with these 5 domain name extensions?</strong>

Bloggers. People who love to inform communities by taking a plunge in them and how. For every blogger today, it is important that they keep themselves and their communities updated with what’s new, what’s important, and what’s most relevant.  That is the only way of increasing the user base for any blogger or even an influencer.

Every blogger uses a domain name for their blog/site to write or create content in the form of videos. What is interesting is that the domain that you choose can set the tone, mood, or even the intent of your blog so that your audience knows what they can expect on the blog. Choosing a domain name while domain registration is an absolute task but not if you know which ones can work for your blog and give your blog that much-needed lift so that you can stand out as a blogger.

With this blog, we will tell how you can become a blogging superstar with these 5 domain extensions. We will also tell you how you can use them to the best of your benefit.

  1. .BLOG

.Blog is a fantastic choice for a blogger blogging about anything for that matter. It could be food or sports or clothes or even plants. .BLOG is an extension that will allow you to click with your users instantaneously. It is that kind of extension that creates an online space that makes it easier for readers to remember you. Moreover, this extension is recent, so registering this TLD would be easy for you.

  1. .LOL 

.LOL is an extension for those who are looking at a humorous online extension since it (lol) is short for laughing out loud. If you are going to blog about something funny or have a blog that is full of jokes, there is nothing better than a .LOL. The best part is that it is just a three-character domain and if used well, you can have a stellar domain name to go with. Even if you are a business and want to create a fun and inviting image of your brand, you can use .LOL as a domain.

  1. .COOL

The word cool represents different dimensions but one thing it definitely stands for is something cutting edge. It is a domain that alerts people about the fact that this blog has the latest and current trends or news about what is happening in the world. It could be about any industry, a product or a brand, or even an event. .COOL is new as a domain so there is great availability and there are no restrictions as such on .COOL domain. So much so that .COOL allows bloggers to express a very clear opinion. Not because of the domain but because of its nature, which allows brands to speak in a way that is uncouth and unorthodox.

  1. .FUN

If your area of expertise as a blogger is travel, or leisure, or even entertainment for that matter, .FUN can be a great domain for your blog. Your audience and visitors can enjoy the good times with .FUN blog. What stands out about .FUN is that it clearly tells you what it will be about right on your face. There is not even an inch of a doubt that this blog will be about something serious or something formal. It also evokes a youthful, vibrant, energetic image that bloggers and brands can make the most of for their blogs.

  1. .FAIL

.FAIL is another extension for humor-related blogs. In fact, with .FAIL you can go one level up. .FAIL is used by those bloggers that are interested in expressing a strong point of view, or have a penchant for ridiculously goofy videos, weird photos, questionable ads, or anything that has failed in the public/media. It allows for viewers and readers to take things that were meant to be a little more serious to look at it in a tongue-in-cheek, though humorous way. For bloggers who want to do this kind of content, .FAIL works best.


With this, we hope that it will be easy for you to look at some of these options when it comes to choosing a domain extension for a blog that will make you popular. If you have any doubts or queries for us, please share them in the comments section below.

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